Real Estate Loans (CRE Loans)

KFSI secures financing for construction projects, land acquisitions, and real estate assets. We offer senior bank financing, mezzanine debt, and equity capital for commercial and residential projects. We structure the transaction to meet the quantitative and qualitative objectives of our clients, and provide them with financing alternatives based on their specific circumstances. KFSI also manages all the financial aspects of the project, including periodic progress reports, loan draw requests, and financial statements, so that our clients can focus on their core competency – developing real estate.

Financing for businesses, real estate developers, and investors

Commercial and Industrial Loans (C&I Loans)

KFSI arranges bank loans for working capital (receivables, inventory), equipment purchase, acquisitions, capital expenditures, and other business purposes. We arrange bank financing for a wide array of industry sectors, ranging from retail, through services, to manufacturing. KFSI provides complete financing service: from evaluating business cash needs, through analyzing debt repayment ability, producing financial projections and lender presentations, soliciting several financing proposal, recommending the best financing solution, closing, and post-closing periodic reports.

Private Capital Financing

In certain cases the client may benefit from additional equity injection. KFSI offers its clients access to minority equity capital and mezzanine financing. Our extensive relationships and transaction expertise in the private capital market allow us to deliver optimal financing solutions for our clients. Our targeted process enables our clients to execute their project or investment at the best financing available.

Bank Financing

Bank financing is the cheapest funding source with the most flexible terms. It offers low interest rate and minimal fees, along with longer maturity, no principal amortization, and no prepayment penalties. Bank financing is also easier and cheaper to extend. KFSI maintains strong and stable relationships with many banks in order to offer its clients low-cost bank financing.

Corporate and Real Estate Financing

Keystone Financial Services, Inc. (‘KFSI’) provides its clients with an important competitive advantage – abundant capital to meet cash flow needs and finance growth. We specialize in securing capital for middle market companies, including bank loans, mezzanine debt, and private equity investments.


Middle Market Financing

Debt or equity financing are used for many purposes such as funding internal growth, acquisitions, transferring a family-owned company to the next generation, or providing partial liquidity for shareholders. An appropriate balance of equity and debt allows businesses to take advantage of short-term opportunities while maximizing long-term value. KFSI assist businesses determine the most suitable debt and equity proportion for their circumstances and raise the required capital.



KFSI full-service fundraising

  • Accounting clean up
  • Selecting the most appropriate financing alternative (e.g. debt, equity)
  • Preparation of credit application or equity investment presentation
  • Meeting with lenders and investors to solicit capital
  • Negotiating debt covenants or investment terms
  • Evaluating and understanding the pros and cons of different proposals
  • Funding
  • Periodic lender or investor reporting


KFSI professionals have both capital market and middle market experience – experience that is valuable when structuring and negotiating a transaction. We work with your management to position the company properly and obtain financing on the best terms possible.