Part-time CFO improves financial management, maximizes profitability, and prepares your business for transactions (borrowing, selling, etc.)

While small and medium companies may not justify a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO), they still require the attention of a senior financial executive. Such companies often hire a part-time CFO to raise capital, improve financial management, maximize profitability, or facilitate a transaction. Part-time CFOs are cost effective and offer an outside perspective which is critical for business growth and strategic decisions.


Keystone Financial Services, Inc. (‘KFSI’) CFOs

KFSI CFOs have decades of experience financing businesses, executing transactions, streamlining operations, maximizing profitability, and developing successful business strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries. We provide our clients with top-level CFO advice in a cost effective manner on a part-time basis. We offer strategic CFO consulting, contract CFO services, as well as interim, full, and part-time CFO services.




Part-time CFO services are focused, high quality, and cost effective

Part-time CFO provides your business with expert CFO advice, at a fraction of the cost


KFSI seeks to move the needle in your business by delivering tangible deliverables in defined period of time. Whether it is a project-based service such as capital raising, or an ongoing service, such as improved financial management, KFSI provides focused services that will accelerate growth, optimize operations, increase profitability, or facilitate a more successful transaction.


KFSI's part-time CFOs have decades of corporate finance experience, earned in many companies, across multiple industries, and all economic cycles. We bring outside perspective and best practice knowledge to each engagement.


Part-time CFOs provide highly experienced financial service for a fraction of the cost of a comparably-experienced in-house CFO. It is a more cost-effective choice for companies who need the financial expertise, but cannot justify the cost of a full time CFO.