Capital Fundraising (Debt & Equity)

Professional CFO is essential for successful fundraising – both equity and debt. Lenders are more likely to extend credit to businesses with experienced CFO for three reasons:

  1. The lender receives a credible credit application which tells your business story with reliable, GAAP-compliant, financial statements which present your business in the most favorable light.
  2. Professional financial management by an experienced CFO reduces lender’s risk.
  3. Lenders trust a professional CFO for accurate periodic reporting.

Similarly, equity investors are more likely to invest in a business with a strong CFO because of the improved financial management, reduced risk, and better reporting.


Keystone Financial Services, Inc. (‘KFSI’) CFOs support you throughout the life of the loan:

  • Work with your accountant to produce GAAP-compliant financial statements which tell your business story, and present your business in a favorable light.
  • Approach several lenders to solicit loans and receive credit offers
  • Negotiate borrowing terms as your CFO
  • Assist you in selecting the best loan for your circumstances
  • Provide periodic reports to lender
  • Maintain your banking relations

KFSI CFOs have experience securing Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loans for working capital, equipment, acquisition, and other business purposes.


More about KFSI Financing Services 

Part-time CFO - Financing

Accounting Clean Up

KFSI works with your accountant to clean up historical accounting records and prepare your books for a transaction or a financing round. We make sure that your financial statements are GAAP-compliant, and present your business in the most favorable light for lender’s review or acquirer’s due diligence.

Investor Relations

The closing and funding of a loan is only the beginning of your relationship with your lenders and/or investors. Weekly draw requests, monthly financial statements, and collateral statements are only a few examples of the periodic reports the lender/investor will require. KFSI provides its clients with ongoing, comprehensive support throughout the life of the loan. We handle all lender’s relationships, so that you can focus on your core business.