Operations Transformation

Profit Maximization

There are four key areas that can help maximize profitability: reducing costs, increasing turnover, increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency. In addition, the business can expand into new markets, or develop new products or services. KFSI analyzes these key areas to determine the best strategic direction for your business and implements work processes that maximizes profitability.

Operations strategy

The key for successful operations is setting the right strategy to get more from your limited resources — people, processes and technology — in order to remain agile and competitive. KFSI’s management consultants develop and implement strategies to create the transformation you want. With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions and priorities, we help you align your organization’s people, processes and technology, across functions, to optimize performance, all the way from strategy to execution.

Performance improvement

KFSI’s performance improvement team helps clients align their organizations to optimize performance by streamlining processes, reducing waste and measuring the achievement of outcomes. We leverage appropriate technologies and consider the impact on your people in order to help you achieve strategic goals and reduce risk.

Supply chain management

KFSI’s supply chain consulting team works with you to redefine core supply chain issues related to vendor management, inventory optimization and leveraging data analytics for logistics and distribution planning.