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Businesses and Real Estate Financing

Keystone Financial Services, Inc. (‘KFSI’) specializes in securing capital for middle market companies and real estate projects & assets. We secures bank loans, mezzanine debt, and private equity investments.


KFSI full-service fundraising

  • Accounting clean up
  • Selecting the most appropriate financing alternative (e.g. debt, equity)
  • Preparation of credit application or equity investment presentation
  • Meeting with lenders and investors to solicit capital
  • Negotiating debt covenants or investment terms
  • Evaluating and understanding the pros and cons of different proposals
  • Funding
  • Periodic lender or investor reporting

KFSI professionals have both capital market and middle market experience – experience that is valuable when structuring and negotiating a transaction. We work with your management to position the company properly and obtain financing on the best terms possible.

Commercial and Industrial Loans (C&I Loans)

Private Capital Financing

Bank Financing

Real Estate Loans (CRE Loans)

Part-time CFO improves financial management, maximizes profitability, and prepares your business for transactions 

While small and medium companies may not justify a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO), they still require the attention of a senior financial executive. Such companies often hire a part-time CFO to raise capital, improve financial management, maximize profitability, or facilitate a transaction. Part-time CFOs are cost effective and offer an outside perspective which is critical for business growth and strategic decisions.


Keystone Financial Services, Inc. (‘KFSI’) CFOs

KFSI CFOs have decades of experience financing businesses, executing transactions, streamlining operations, maximizing profitability, and developing successful business strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries. We provide our clients with top-level CFO advice in a cost effective manner on a part-time basis. We offer strategic CFO consulting, contract CFO services, as well as interim, full, and part-time CFO services.

KFSI part-time CFO services

Lender’s Services

Comprehensive Lender’s Services along the entire credit process

Before provision of financing

In the course of the credit monitoring process

Workout Assistance

KFSI helps lenders with borrowers who are in default or showing signs of financial weakness. Our team of experienced professionals quickly designs and implements a plan to avoid default or maximize recovery value for the lender. KFSI has also established itself as a successful alternative for filling positions such as CEO, CFO, and COO, at companies looking to stabilize operations and restore credibility while executing new or revised business strategies.

Field Examinations

KFSI Field Examination are designed to independently assess the borrower’s assets and debt-service capability. Our broad experience with enterprises, both large and small, across a broad spectrum of industries, enable us to quickly grasp your borrowers’ financial drivers and collateral issues. We assist lenders with designing appropriate procedures to address the issues and risks associated with a particular credit.

Quality of Earnings

As a lender, you need confidence that the earnings and cash flow will be sufficient to service your debt. Lenders rely on KFSI for Quality of Earnings reports and related due diligence. Our professionals look beyond the reported financial statement numbers and help identify potential issues.


For lenders to rely on operating cash flow and EBITDA figures, they must have a thorough understanding of borrower’s accounting procedures as well as its method for documenting changes in revenues, expenses, and balance sheet accounts. While Field Examinations focus on the balance sheet, the QE report is designed to provide a professional, third-party analysis of revenues and cash flows. Our QE report helps lenders evaluate the recurring nature and quality of the operations and cash flows, as well as the underlying assets and liabilities of the business.

Integrity Monitoring

KFSI assists lenders with borrowers who have violated lending agreements, misrepresented collateral values, or misstated their financial performance. KFSI’s Integrity Monitoring services can include onsite monitoring of borrowers & collateral and regular updates of key data and loan-to-collateral values. Our flash reports keep lenders apprised throughout the month and include key matrices providing lenders a quick snapshot of borrower’s performance.

During restructuring of financing

Collateral Monitoring

KFSI provides collateral monitoring services for lenders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We use an established process for reporting the collateral loan status. This includes review of all downloaded deposit information, analysis of accounts receivable aging and inventory reports (ineligibles are also computed), data entry into the collateral tracking system, and periodic collateral loan status reports.